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Unique in the world: witch's cauldron of ITIL 4 tools

Unique in the world: witch's cauldron of ITIL 4 tools

Welcome to the Battle - the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP goes into the next round! At this spectacular event around knowledge and curiosity, commonality and competition, challenge and approach, you will start the journey to the perfect ITIL 4 tool for your company. Are you ready? Then experience the energy - pure and unfiltered!

In focus: Intensive exchange

In focus: Intensive exchange

With the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP you become an active part of the action. What are your requirements for the perfect ITIL tool? Which questions do you absolutely want to clarify? Familiarize yourself with the subject matter in advance and identify the points that you absolutely want to address personally. This will help you get the most out of the event - because your preparation is crucial for vendor speed dating!

At eye level: the top manufacturers and you

At eye level: the top manufacturers and you

Seize the unique opportunity to talk face-to-face with the world's leading tool vendors - without barriers and at eye level. At the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP, the rules of fair competition prevail: every table and booth is the same size, every manufacturer has the same chances. The focus is solely on the ideal tool for you. Unadulterated and without frills.

The process: In a bubbling atmosphere to the perfect ITIL tool

Your goal: to select the tool solution from the jungle of more than 450 tool manufacturers worldwide that perfectly fits your organization - not only technically, but also on a human level. That's why the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP is like speed dating for your business. The world's leading manufacturers will present their service management solutions to you, describe their advantages and special features, and answer your questions personally.

To do this, you sit down at the round table with the manufacturer of your choice in each of six time slots, so-called sessions. Within 45 minutes, you will gain a compact overview of the IT or enterprise service management tool of your choice. Above all, you will receive answers to individual questions that are burning on your mind. Personal, up close and without compromise. Therefore, once again the important note: The better you prepare, the more you and your company will benefit from this extraordinary format.

After three sessions there will be a lunch break with catering, followed by three more sessions. In order to have discussions with as many manufacturers as possible, it is advisable to divide the sessions among several colleagues. You don't need to worry about any costs - all sessions and lunch are free of charge for participants!

FAQ - Questions for SERVIEW as host

At this event, you get the unique chance to talk face-to-face with leading manufacturers of ITIL software solutions and clarify your questions. The MEETUP does not run like a classic trade fair, but resembles a competition: The atmosphere is energetic, the communication straightforward, honest and direct. This gives you an authentic impression of various certified tools and makes it easy for you to make a decision.

We only admit manufacturers of certified tools to the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP. This means: Of the more than 450 ITIL tool solutions worldwide, we have already preselected the industry champions for you. Because only with the PeopleCert ITIL Accredited Tool Vendor award (ITIL ATV) can manufacturers get one of the coveted tables at the MEETUP.

Accreditation of ITIL tool providers by PeopleCert. If you're looking for world-class software tools that align with ITIL best practices, you've come to the right place. The PeopleCert Vendor Accreditation Program provides organizations with access to IT service management tools that meet the industry's highest quality standards and are backed by the expertise of certified professionals. Go to the ATV page...

This year we were able to fix several dates in Germany and the USA for this extraordinary event. It's worth being there, because the next opportunity will be the following summer at the earliest.

At the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP, you step into action yourself. Here you have the unique opportunity to discuss your company's requirements, wishes and complex obstacles directly with manufacturers in order to find the ideal solution for your company. If you do not know your own challenges and demands, you will benefit from the event to a much lesser extent.

We strongly recommend that you do not attend the event alone. With numerous certified vendors and only 6 sessions per day, you won't be able to get to know all the vendors that are relevant for your company on your own. Therefore, it is a good idea to split the sessions among each other and exchange information afterwards.

When organizing the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP, we make no compromises - your safety is our top priority. That is why we have chosen locations with powerful ventilation systems and numerous windows. In addition, the premises are very spacious - more than twice as large as in previous years with the same number of participants. We will inform all participants about any additional arrangements in a timely manner.

Even beyond the event, SERVIEW will actively support you as host and expert team of the tool selection. Through our role as ATVA, we know all the solutions and their benefits in detail. Do you still have questions or need help? Then contact us!

We are not a manufacturer - we are independent experts! As initiator of the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP and testing authority of the PeopleCert award "ATV", SERVIEW has the full overview of the software market. At our table you will learn everything about the ATV program as well as the certification process behind it and get tips and tricks for your tool selection.

Your host: SERVIEW

We are the ones with the overview - the champions for the custom-fit selection of your ITIL tool. We've been advising organizations and developing people for over 20 years, but at MeetUp we're one thing above all: your knowledgeable host. Here we fight to ensure that your organization gets the solution that is best for it. Not only in terms of technical capabilities and scalability, but also in terms of interpersonal factors.

When it comes to the competition between tool manufacturers, we are the neutral authority who will support you from the beginning to the end of the selection process. Have you already narrowed down some favorites, but the final verdict is hard for you? Or do you not even know where to start? We are happy to support you. From decision to implementation and beyond. Why do we know so much? Because we certify uncompromisingly good software - as ATVA.

More about the ITIL ATV program

Yes, you are in the right place!

At the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP, technically oriented decision-makers from IT will find exactly what is often missing in the tool selection process: the personal exchange about very individual requirements for which no website contains even a hint.

The event is not just an event, but the beginning of your journey to the perfect tool: Well-prepared, you'll feel out the individual software solutions to go home with a ton of energetic impressions and a handful of favorites in your head. And if the final decision is still difficult, SERVIEW will help you choose the optimal tool thanks to years of expertise. Talk to us!

be there

Preparatory webinar

Your host: SERVIEW

Good preparation is everything - that's why we take you by the hand and discuss with you how to ensure your success at the event. From the participating partners to the event schedule and the type of questions you should bring along to get a comprehensive picture, you will learn everything you need to know about the ITIL-TOOL MEETUP 2023 in our webinar. It's worth taking a look - online and free of charge, of course!

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